10/1/12 - October is Blindness Awareness Month!

44 States Recognize October, 2012 as Blindness Awareness Month Initiated by The Little Rock Foundation



11/18/10 - We need your help and at no cost to you!

Open an account at TD Bank and they will make a contribution to the The Little Rock Foundation



11/17/10 - Keep the Blind in Mind all year around!

The initiative to declare October as an awareness month began when Rocco Fiorentino, 13, petitioned the Assembly of New Jersey to make the declaration...



10/15/10 - White Cane Safety Day - Presidential Proclamation

President of the United States of America designates October 15 of each year as White Cane Safety Day!



10/01/10 - Blindness Awareness Month Celebrated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Legislation Expected to Revolutionize the Way Companies Design Smart Phones
and Video Programming Technologies


09/29/10 - Technology Access Bill Heads to President Obama's Desk

Presents The Annual Sports and Athletics Clinic for Youths (ages 5 ? 18) In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of NJCBVI 9 a.m. ? 4 p.m., Saturday, September 25, 2010



09/09/10 - Association of Blind Athletes of New Jersey

Presents The Annual Sports and Athletics Clinic for Youths (ages 5 ? 18) In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of NJCBVI 9 a.m. ? 4 p.m., Saturday, September 25, 2010



06/12/10 - My First Week with the iPhone Behind the Curtain

Last Wednesday, my life changed forever. I got an iPhone. I consider it the greatest thing to happen to the blind for a very long time, possibly ever. It offers unparalleled access..




 10/26/09 - Wilmington Hurricane at-a-glance

Across the globe, a child goes blind every single minute. Around 124 million people are severely visually impaired and about 37 million people are blind...



 10/19/09 - Boy champions NJ's first Blindness Awareness Month

My Community by Philadelphia Inquirer Newspapers



 10/15/09 - National Braille Press eNEWSLETTER
The National Braille Press acknowledges BAM in NJ and PA



 10/10/09 - Manuta Fall Festival
Mantua held their annual Fall Festival on October 10th. The Howard Family was out supporting Blindness Awareness Month



 10/7/09 - NJ Observes Blindness Awareness Month
Cape May County Herald Column:
October 7, 2009 -- By Paulanne Pierson



 10/6/09 - David Akers, Kicker for Philadelphia Eagles and the Eagles Eye Moble Support BAM
Kick-Off for Blindness Awareness at Voorhees Middle School, Voorhees, NJ



 10/4/09 - David Akers
For Akers a Cause with a Catch



 10/1/09 - New Website
Spread the word about BAM news and stories relating to people with visual challenges.  This website is designed to educate you of events, facts and resources.  It is imperative that all people understand the realities of living without sight.

Picture of Rocco Fiorentino09/10/09 - PSA For Radio
Rocco Fiorentino broadcast a public service announcement about Blindness Awareness...



08/24/09 - PA Proclamation
Blindness Awareness Month declared in Pennsylvania by Governor Rendell.


12/08/08 - Blindness Awareness Month Declared
New Jersey Governor, Corzine signed a bill into law stating that October is officially named Blindness Awareness Month in the State of New Jersey.


FACTS about Blindness
Every second someone in the world goes blind...


Jalape?s in the Oatmeal by Jeff Flodin
Welcome to Jalape?s in the Oatmeal, the Guild for the Blind?s new blog....


No Fear of Flying
First Blind person to graduate from Flight School...




Routine surgery for a non-cancerous tumor
I have been blind for 9 and 1/2  months. On January 24th, 2007 I had what was supposed to be fairly routine surgery for a non-cancerous tumor...

N.J. woman's artwork on display at the White House
In the Blue Room of the White House stands a North Carolina Fraser fir, 18 feet tall and trimmed with 369...

Blind can take wheel with vehicle designed by university engineers
BLACKSBURG, Va., July 15, 2009 -- A student team in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering is providing the blind ...

Picture of Chelsea Feast, Friend and Camille Corman
Little Rock Event at the Camden Sharks Game
The first official BAM event was a success!  A sold out crowd attended Camden River Sharks game on September 16, 2009 .

Pictured:  Chelsea Feast, Eli Prowe and Camille Corman provide information about Blindness Awareness Month.  River Sharks fans purchased BAM bracelets handmade by local Girl Scout troops.

Picture of Chelsea Feast, Friend and Camille CormanKingsway Learning Center
Kingsway Learning Center promotes "Blindness Awareness Month" to their students.

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